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Nashville, TN, USA & Online
Jess Thompson is a certified wellness coach and kettlebell instructor with more than four years of experience in promoting and teaching inclusive wellness to groups throughout Middle Tennessee. With the motto "Wellness includes me," she grew a passion for working with spaces to create a sense of belonging for all regardless of race, gender identification, body type, or sexual orientation. In the last year, Thompson has created a wellness mastermind group and launched Wellness 360 — a holistic wellness program that offers a two-day retreat and six-week virtual learning course. With that, it is her mission to educate others about deeply rooted racism in the wellness space, its intersectionalities, and how to dismantle said systems.

As the new owner of the getFIT615 gym in Nashville, Jessica's vision is to put her work into action in a space that already has such strong core values. It is her hope to continue to make movement fun and accessible for all bodies and to shout from the mountaintops "Wellness Includes Me."
"Wellness should be accessible, affordable and available to all humans. We aren't truly creating inclusive environments until all humans can say 'Wellness Includes Me.' "

Certifications: IAWP Certified Wellness Coach, Certified Kettlebell Instructor

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