Superfit Hero Body Positive Fitness Trainer Helen Camisa

Full Bodied Yoga with Helen Camisa

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Helen loves yoga and sharing it with anyone who wants to learn. She offers a number of classes, including her ever-growing Full-Bodied Yoga series. Full-Bodied Yoga focuses on those in bigger bodies who want to learn to modify and support themselves in any yoga class that they jump in to. This series invites each student to explore a deeper connection to and appreciation for their big, beautiful bod.

Helen’s classes offer the opportunity to work hard, focus on breathing and above all, not to take it too seriously. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to share this practice with anyone who expresses an interest, especially those who, like herself, did not see themselves as yogis in this lifetime.

Certifications: E RYT-200, E RYT-500, Yoga For All

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