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Unlikely Hikers with Jenny Bruso

Portland, OR & cities across USA

Unlikely Hikers is a diverse and inclusive Instagram community and group hike program hosted by Jenny Bruso with the aim of increasing visibility for the underrepresented outdoorsperson. Unlikely Hikers features fat people, people of color, queer, trans, non-conforming folks, people with disabilities and more. "We all have a story. If you see yourself as an Unlikely Hiker, then you are. Welcome!"

Unlikely Hikers wants to show everyone that there are many ways of getting out for all kinds of people. Maybe, it’s a mile walk on a paved trail along a lake. Maybe, it’s standing at the base of a waterfall for an hour letting the scenery change you. However YOU like to enjoy the outdoors, there is a place for you here. Unlikely Hikers leads group hikes all over the U.S., get in touch to find a hike near you! Check out their feature in the NY Times!

Jenny Bruso is a fat, femme, queer, writer, hiker, group hike leader, and the founder of Unlikely Hikers on Instagram. She is sponsored by Merrell, REI, Eddie Bauer, and Next Adventure. Her work can be found in Outside Magazine, Autostraddle, Portland Monthly Magazine, FabUplus Magazine, Huffpost, the REI Co-Op Blog, Popaganda, and Upworthy.

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