Superfit Hero Body Positive Fitness Trainer Chris Serong of Move and Be Free

Move and Be Free

Personal & Small Group Training, Martial Arts
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Move and be Free prioritizes just that: movement quality and freedom. We specialize in Personal Training and offer small classes in strength training, Tai Chi, and Kung Fu. Our methods are based on the one principle of helping you to move better, whilst promoting training autonomy and self-trust.

You don't need to be remade; if you want to build stuff, we'll build. We don't strip away - if you want to learn new skills, develop strength and grace, and train in a way that's satisfying and rewarding, that's what we're about.

Certifications: Martial Arts Alliance Accredited, Cert IV in Fitness & Master Trainer (AIF), Black Belt in Wushu, Kung Fu & Tai Chi, Certificate in Chinese Massage (Tui Na)

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