Queer Power Fitness - Jennifer Drobot

Queer Power Fitness - Jennifer Drobot

Personal Training
Toronto, Canada

Jenn, the creator of Queer Power Fitness, offers 2SLGBTQA-centered, body positive, accessible fitness training. Focusing on strong healthy bodies (AT ANY SIZE), she does not use BMI indexes/scales to measure progress and strength. Instead, Jenn measures progress through improved mobility and increases in strength (NO BODY MEASUREMENTS!!). The type of training she offers is also not based on physical body "transformations" but rather on client feelings and increases in confidence! Helping folkx establish a positive and loving relationship with their bodies is the most important aspect of training for Jenn.

Work out with Jenn at Dwell Gym.

Certifications: CANFITPRO, LGBTQ2S Fitness Accessibility Training

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