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Coach Sylvi Grimes

Curvy Coach & Yoga Instructor
St. Louis, MO, USA & Online

Coach Sylvi specializes in functional fitness training. She empowers women to become their most bona fide confident self by taking on challenges and overcoming personal obstacles. She can empathize with many, having battled chronic disease and diet culture herself, and enjoys similarly helping others find renewed joy in movement after injury or life-changing events. Sylvi practices from a Healthy At Every Size (HAES) approach and she has a contagious energetic spirit!

"It is okay, we just dust ourselves off and try again! No judgement over here." - Coach Sylvi

Sylvi is available virtually (Zoom or Skype) for group and one-on-one coaching, functional fitness workouts personalized to your individual needs. Sylvi's Patreon is launching soon, get in touch for updates.

Certifications: ACE Fitness Personal Training & YogaFit Training Systems

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