Laci Knight Shares her Passion for Fitness with the Roller Derby Community and Beyond.

Laci Knight is a coach, trainer and roller derby all star. She recently launched her own business, Knight Strong to create fitness, skating, and nutritional programming for roller derby teams and individuals. 

Laci has been playing roller derby since 2008 and currently skates with Angel City Derby, ranked 9th in the world. In 2013, she started Crossfit to become a stronger, faster and more agile derby athlete. Laci has been coaching Roller Derby as a Captain, Trainer, and Coach since 2009 for both the LA Derby Dolls (LADD) and Angel City Derby Girls (ACDG). Off the track, Laci is a Level 1 Crossfit Certified Trainer. She brought in cross training initiatives to both LADD and ACDG and continues to find ways to help spread the word of fitness throughout the world of Roller Derby.

What is your superpower?

First thing that comes to mind: Barbell Specialist.  Anything weightlifting, I have the ability to just push past my boundaries and not put the bar down, not give up and go heavier than I thought I could. 

What accomplishment are you most proud of in your life? 

To this day I still say my Opera Degree.  It taught me more about discipline, work, and persistence then anything had up until that point and I still take lessons away from what I gained through that experience.

What does a typical week in fitness look like for you? 

Sunday: 2-2.5 hours Crossfit training
Monday: 1.5 hours Crossfit in the morning followed by roller derby on skates and off-skates training in the evening. I also coach a lifting class for the jammers on my team.
Tuesday: 2 hours Crossfit training
Wednesday: 1.5 hours Crossfit training in the morning, and roller derby practice at night. 
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 2 hours Crossfit
Saturday: I go to Crossfit in the morning and then straight to derby practice where we train offskates and on-skates for three hours. Afterwards, I coach our jammers with strength training. Saturday is a long day! :)

What’s your biggest challenge/goal right now?

GYMNASTICS!!  Moving my own bodyweight seems to be a constant challenge for me.  You can't rely on strength to get you through, you must have technique, skill and precision.  Which can only be achieved through practice, coaching, and more practice. 

How can the Superfit Hero community support you?

Continue to evolve the image of beauty beyond what magazines and runways perpetuate.  Promote a healthy lifestyle without the constant worry about what the mirror is showing you or the scale number reports back.
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