Veronica Belmont: the Internet's Favorite Feminist

Superfit Hero - Veronica Belmont: the Internet's Favorite Feminist

Veronica Belmont is the poster child for New Media. She's a TV and online video host and producer, startup advisor, and voice actor. With her passion and deep knowledge for technology and gaming, her business savvy, and her irresistible charm on camera, Veronica has been at the forefront of internet media since the birth of podcasts and video blogs. She rose to fame as the host of Revision3's Tekzilla, and continued from there to host programs for PlayStation and This Week in Tech, among others. She currently hosts the weekly show Dear Veronica for Endgadget and the fabulously nerdy Sword and Laser podcast. We can't leave out Vaginal Fantasy where you can "join Felicia Day, Veronica Belmont, Bonnie Burton and Kiala Kazebee for a gathering of wine, women and smut as they discuss and dissect a new genre romance novel each month!"

Superfit Hero - Veronica Belmont: the Internet's Favorite Feminist

Veronica recently completed the infamous hike to the top of Yosemite's Half Dome. 

Veronica is a strong, fit, feminist woman making her own way in the world. We're beyond excited to share her story with you! 

I feel like I've watched you grow up on the internet. You are so native to the geek universe. I can hardly imagine it without you! I'm so impressed with how you have developed your own uncompromising brand in the boys club of tech. Your career in itself feels like a huge feminist accomplishment to me. Do you see yourself as a feminist? Have you made conscious choices to be a role model for other women in tech?

I do consider myself a feminist. Many things have improved in the technology industry, but much has also stayed the same. I try to fight it by being honest about who I am and what I stand for online, even if it causes drama here and there. It's important for me to show other women that they can stand up for themselves and others online and not feel like they're alone. Even if you can't completely block out the torrent of haters or trolls, I feel better even just saying "Why? Why are you saying that? What exactly do you want to accomplish?"

Has your relationship with fitness changed as you've gotten older? If so, how?

Oh, big time. I played sports in high school (tennis and volleyball) but gave pretty much everything up when I went to college. I was so focused on school that I didn't make time for my body at all (except maybe to put alcohol into it). 

When I moved to San Francisco, things started to change. My (now) husband Ryan and I started hiking regularly, playing tennis again, and then I went through a period of intense weight training. That all got put on hold when I fell on the tennis court, breaking my wrist and ankle (I know, double whammy). I went into PT for a year, got everything back online, and have ramped up the workouts with dance ( Bollywood-inspired classes called Doonya) and yoga. My body is definitely the strongest it's ever been, and I like that feeling. I need a workout to be fast and fun. I can't run on a treadmill; I have to hike 7-8 miles outside. It's about finding stuff that I love doing.

What is your greatest fitness accomplishment and why?

While Half Dome was a major one for me, I think it's just being able to use my wrist again. I have a big metal plate in it now, but I'm able to do handstands and wheel pose in yoga now, which put a ton of stress on my wrist. I can kind of only do one or the other though... it's still too sore for both most days! But I really never thought it would be the same again. It's not *exactly* the same, but it's definitely useable.  It's all thanks to endless and horrible physical therapy! Hehe.

What's your next fitness goal? 

I'd like to do a thru-hike, like Pacific Crest Trail, someday. In the meantime, I want to do big chunks of it at least!

And finally, what is your superpower?

Oh man. My superpower is remembering the words to the most random jingles and pop songs. I can hear something once and sing it back to you, it's weird. I'm also really proficient at making the worst puns and dad jokes you've ever heard!

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