My New Job: Revolutionizing Women’s Fitness with Superfit Hero

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Funemployment was cool and all but I’ve got work to do.

A revolution is happening in women’s fitness. Women all around us are discovering the confidence and strength that comes from working toward their athletic potential. Women everywhere are transforming into Superfit Heroes. 

The current options for women’s athletic clothing don’t represent the total badassery of these fitness superheroes. Every superhero needs a uniform.

First and foremost, Superfit Hero is a line of kick ass activewear for bad ass women. We’re currently in development with designers and sewers in Los Angeles.

But we’re not stopping there. We’re going to work with our community to change the conversation about women’s fitness.

Superfit Hero - My New Job: Revolutionizing Women’s Fitness with Superfit Hero

What's wrong with this picture?

Have you seen what’s on the cover of women’s fitness magazines these days? The primary message in women’s fitness is one of inadequacy. Mainstream fitness ideals constantly remind us that we are not good enough. Women are constantly sold on the promise of quick weight loss and the idealized dream of the much photoshopped swimsuit model.

Superfit Heroes are forging a new path. They don’t work out simply to lose weight or improve their appearance.

Superfit Heroes care more about how much weight they can lift than the number on the scale.

Superfit Heroes are confident, strong women who are willing to work hard to reach their goals. And they know they can do whatever they set their minds and bodies to!

We are going to share the stories of our Superfit Hero community with monthly video and photo features. By sharing the stories of real, strong, confident, bad ass female athletes of all kinds, we will bring a more diverse and empowering message to the mainstream fitness community for all women.

You can join the #superfithero movement by signing up for updates on our website:

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