Plus size women wearing Superfit Hero Superhold collection.

NBC News - New & Notable from Burrow, Kilne and Kohl’s

Kohl’s and Superfit Hero collaborate over plus-size activewear

Kohl’s partnered with Superfit Hero to launch a collection of plus-size activewear in stores and online. Apparel includes leggings, tops and bike shorts in colors like Turquoise Seafoam, Black Charcoal and Magenta Pink. The collection offers activewear in sizes ranging from large to 7X (12-42) in stores and online. And while customers can buy online, Kohl’s said one of the most common complaints from plus-size shoppers is the lack of in-store availability for plus-size clothing, limiting the ability to try on pieces before they buy. Through offering the new activewear line in-stores, Kohl’s said it hopes to make plus-size clothing more accessible.


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