Plus size woman wearing Superfit Hero's Superhold Pocket Leggings Cobalt.

Runner's World - Making Activewear More Accessible for Plus-Size Runners

A brand that exclusively makes activewear for plus-size athletes, Superfit Hero, was launched in 2015 by CEO and founder Micki Krimmel.

“I created Superfit Hero as an alternative to traditional fitness culture,” she said to RW. “A truly inclusive fitness brand that celebrates bodies as they are, not as they ‘should’ be.”

Superfit Hero sells only plus-size clothing, offering L to 7X. According to Krimmel, an issue plus-size runners face is access.

“Runners of all shapes and sizes participate in endurance running events even if you don’t see them represented by the mainstream running industry and apparel brands,” she said. “Plus-size runners have always been a part of the running community.”


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