Superfit Hero's ambassador Kayla Woodward, wearing Superbright set.

Kayla Woodward

 Competitive Roller Derby Athlete, Coach, Roller Skater and more

Kayla Woodward (she/her) is a 10+ year roller derby athlete on a highly competitive top 10 Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) league and coach based in St. Louis, Missouri. She has traveled around the world coaching skaters and showing her community that all bodies are amazing and valuable. She also teaches skaters to find their power in the body they have presently, no matter their size.

Insurance professional by day and self proclaimed weirdo, she continues to push boundaries and advocate for being your authentic self in all aspects of life (colored hair is professional!). She enjoys being in nature, from doing half marathons or hiking with her feet in the water, as this Cancer considers herself a creek siren. She loves recruiting folks of all sizes and gender to the Crop Top Babe Gang (free the belly button!) to promote that all bodies and bellies deserve to be seen and normalized. She is learning to lean into fear, so has started taking improv and dance classes to learn to play and be visible in new spaces.

What Kayla loves about her Superfits

"I wear my Superfits for roller derby, slogging (slow jogging), hiking, and doing errands because the pocket is VITAL!"

How Kayla wears 'em

"Any time I know I will have a lot of movement, I grab for my Superfits because they are the only shorts I have that prevent me from getting the dreaded chub rub from activities! I especially love them for roller derby because they compress me, wick away sweat, and they do not roll at all so I know I won't have to constantly adjust from my thighs eating my shorts! By far the best athletic shorts I've ever owned. Most importantly, I love the that Superfit provides clothing and a platform for fat and plus size folks to be visible in movement and joy!"

Kayla's Super-fit

Bras & Tops: WaterFit | XL >>

Bottoms & Leggings: WaterFit | XL >>


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